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About Us

MTA Business Solution is an authorized distributor of Maxlab Nature's Laboratory products and the owner of Maxlab Shop. Maxlab is a company engaged in production of general use items, in order to improve health and quality of life by using natural supplements. Each Maxlab product uses ingredients of colloidal silver (or gold) and herbs, because the richness that nature offers us is precious.

All Maxlab Nature's Laboratory products are manufactured in their own production facilities in accordance with HACCP standards for which they have an internationally recognized certificate. Concentration of silver and gold in Maxlab products and the complete health safety of all Maxlab batches is tested by the Public Health Institute of Vojvodina, Anahem, Batut, VMA, etc. Therefore, you can always rely on high quality and safety of Maxlab products.

What is colloidal silver water?

In general, colloidal dispersion is a substance comprised of components which may be in different phase states. It's a sort of transition between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. Maxlab colloidal silver water contains 15 ppm of colloidal silver, which is three times greater, comparing to other producers. Measuring unit ppm is the abbreviation of the expression "parts per million". In the context of colloidal silver, it represents the number of silver particles per million particles of water, i.e. the Concentration of silver and gold in the water.

Maxlab colloidal silver water is manufactured with non-chemical, electro-disperse method, using ultra pure silver in ultra-clean distilled water. According to the chemical composition, it is pure redistilled water containing submicroscopic clusters of silver. Clusters, which are physic phenomenon, are fine particles, composed of several atoms or molecules. This means that the atoms of silver in the colloidal silver water are grouped in charged particles with size between 0.007 and 0.020 micrometers. These tiny, positively charged particles of silver are surrounded by negatively charged hydroxyl groups and "dispersed" in distilled water. Total charge of these particles is also called zeta potential. In addition to the hydroxyl groups surrounding the cluster of silver, in the surrounding water, molecules are grouped under the influence of electrostatic forces and hydrogen bonds. A special process ensures the high stability, durability and high purity of products.

The healing effects of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver, as a prevention tool, forms a spare immune system that protects T-lymphocytes and performs part of their job. The healing effects of colloidal silver are numerous:

  • Achieves beneficial effect on the immune system disorder.
  • Protects the body against infections, viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Achieves beneficial effect on acne, pimples, eczema and seborrhea.
  • Achieves antimicrobial and beneficial effect on infection and inflammation of the throat and gums.
  • Works against viral or bacterial inflammation of the gums, tonsils, throat and bronchi.
  • Works against infections of the mouth (candida, streptococci, staphylococci, etc.).
  • Removes stomach problems, stomach and intestinal infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi (candida, escherichia, salmonella, stomach flu, etc.).
  • Works on kidney infections, urinary tract and bladder.
  • Speeds up the healing of wounds and severe burns.
  • Suitable for hygiene of intimate parts of the body, as well as for the hygiene of the feet.
  • Effectively neutralizes odors originating from bacterial growth.
  • Neutralizes odor from the feet and the "athlete's foot".
  • Removes dandruff and decreases hair loss.
  • Reduces the risk of caries.
  • Neutralizes odor from the mouth and destroys microorganisms in the oral cavity.
  • Makes your teeth cleaner, whiter and without unsightly deposits.

At the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad a study was performed on the effect of colloidal silver water Maxlab on the bacterium Escherichia Coli. The sample of colloidal silver was diluted with water contaminated by bacteria to the silver concentration of 0.1 ppm (0.1 mg/l). The number of bacteria per ml was over one million, and after the effect of colloidal silver with concentration of only 0.1 ppm, 99.9999% of bacteria was destroyed. This is one more proof of the efficiency of the silver water Maxlab in the fight against bacteria.

Application of colloidal silver in dentistry

At the Department of Microbiology, at the New York University of Medicine and Dentistry, microbiological tests were conducted on the impact of colloidal silver and silver compounds to the bacteria present in the mouth and the caries. The table below shows the concentration of colloidal silver and silver compounds, which act inhibitory on the propagation of bacteria and the most common causes of caries. It can be concluded that the concentration of colloidal silver from 10 to 20 ppm has an instant inhibitory effect on all tested bacteria. With longer application of colloidal silver of 15 to 20 ppm, all the named bacteria would be eliminated. The presence of colloidal silver in the mouth reduces the risk of caries.

The minimum inhibitory concentration of silver for the oral bacteria
AgN03 [ppmAg] AgF [ppmAg] Electrical Ag Ion [ppmAg]
Streptococcus mutans GS-5 20 20 20
Veillonella alcalescens 10 10 10
Rothia dentocariosa 2.5 2.5 2.5
Actinomyces viscosus 1.25 1.25 2.5
Neisseria subflava 1.25 1.25 1.25

E.A. Thibodeau, S.L. Handelman, R.E. Marquis, "Inhibition and Killing of Oral Bacteria by Silver Ions Generated with Low Intensity Direct Curent", 1978, Journal of Dental Research, Department of Microbiology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, New York and Eastman Dental Center

Many pathogenic bacteria, such as Bacillus Larvae, the cause of "American foulbrood", and Streptococcus Pluto, the cause of the "rot litter", are sensitive to the presence of positively charged clusters of silver. Colloidal silver particles also effectively destroy other pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi Aspergillus Flavus and Aspergillus Fumigatus, the causes of "stone litter", which attack larvae of the open and closed litters, and can sometimes cause inflammatory changes to humans and animals. There are over 15 types of viruses that cause a variety of diseases of bees (acute and chronic paralysis, a viral disease of the closed litter, etc.). Colloidal silver particles efficiently kill viruses, unlike antibiotics and antimycotic agents that do not act on viruses and that are useless in case of viral diseases.

Application of colloidal silver in cosmetics

People often ask why one cream is better than another, or what you need to do to make your skin look younger, more beautiful. Unfortunately, we live in a time when commercials are pulling you to popular products. Most of these creams are very poor in composition and often dangerous to your health. The skin absorbs everything we apply to it. People are very afraid of drinking something, but very easily choose to soak the skin with anything.

This test will tell you if you need to know more about your cosmetics:

  1. Have you read the composition of the product?
  2. Do you know what Phenoxy Ethanol and Formaldehyde are?
  3. If the product is without parabens, is it surely good?
  4. What is gained from the nut extract of African Shea wood?
  5. Do you know what allantoin is?
  6. What is important when buying creams containing Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluron?

If more than half of the answers are "NO" or "I DO NOT KNOW" you have reason to be concerned.

Here are the answers to the questions:

  1. The skin absorbs everything we apply to it. The cosmetics we use penetrate deep into the body and affect our health. It is our obligation to read the compositions and to learn how to recognize what is good for our body and what is not.
  2. Often cosmetics of reputable brands with the name "paraben free" appear without parabens. However, instead of unwanted parabens, some of these products contain Phenoxyethanol (Phenoxyethanol) which is extremely harmful. There are even studies showing that it can cause skin changes. Dangerous and carcinogenic formaldehyde is released from the preservatives of imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea. It has the role of antiseptics in shampoos, conditioners, creams, shaving creams, hair gel and skin cleansers as well as in baby creams.
  3. Often products contain a declaration and we usually skip that essential part. It fools us that it says no parabens on the box. But the question is what about colors, smells, other ingredients that are harmful. Often cosmetic companies are not working to give up some of the ingredients, although they are harmful to our health.
  4. Products containing this ingredient are good to use. Shea butter or Shi butter is a natural product obtained as an extract of walnut from African Shi wood. This exotic almond-like fruit, when processed, turns into a yellowish butter-like butter mass. Shi butter is especially recommended for the care of dry skin. In addition to its moisturizing properties, exotic butter has a relaxing effect on the skin and helps to soothe it after waxing. It relieves signs of irritation and redness that appears on the skin. Shi butter contains vitamins C, D, A, E and F. Vitamins A and E help maintain skin health. These vitamins are especially important for skin damage due to excessive sun exposure. Shea butter slows the appearance of wrinkles. It penetrates the skin easily, does not clog pores, which is why the skin can breathe. It contains cinnamic acid derivatives, which protects against harmful solar radiation. Vitamin C soothes dry, rough and chapped skin.
  5. There are two types of allantoins. One was obtained naturally while the other was of animal origin, drawn from snails. The allantoin we use is an extract from the Gavez plant. Gage contains carotene, alkaloids, tannins, glycosides, mucus, resins, essential oil, and its most important ingredient is the allantoin we use. Allantoin has the greatest effect on the creation of new cells where there are wounds and injuries, or cuts, cracking, sports injuries. It is especially effective in removing dead cells on the surface of the skin, the treatment of which leads to healthier and softer skin. Allantoin, because of its composition, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.
  6. Coenzyme Q10 is found in every cell of the body and is essential for its role in delaying the aging process. Acts as an antioxidant: The aging process is accelerated under the strong influence of free radicals, and coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that prevents them from doing so. High quality cream containing Coenzyme Q10 must not be white or slightly yellow. All creams that are labeled to contain Coenzyme Q10 should have a color similar to ours, yellow. So we use bioactivated Q10 which is different from the rest. Better absorption and biological activity. Also, we use bio-hyaluronan, which is a basic component of connective tissue and features young and supple wrinkle-free skin. It deeply hydrates and refreshes the skin, making it feel softer and more beautiful. The unique formula with bio-hyaluronan, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins increases the natural level of Q10 coenzyme, which promotes the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin. Visibly softens wrinkles, deeply hydrates and regenerates skin. Due to its unique composition, this cream can also be an antiride, so it can be used around the lips, eyes, neckline.

We advise you to look for creams that will nourish your skin, products that will protect your health. All Maxlab products guarantee you no parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, no preservatives. The aromas come from natural and medicinal plants from plantations. Allantoin, which has a natural composition and will have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, colloidal silver that will have antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, and the rest of the components that will deeply nourish your skin. Check and see why Maxlab products are unique in the market.

Truth or Myth?

Nowadays, we can hear more and more that people produce silver water themselves by watching various videos from YouTube, as well as "testing" silver water at home. Even silver water machines can be bought online. Therefore, we recommend that you read the following a text that will explain all the differences between professional and amateur production and help you better understand the truths and misconceptions that are becoming more common.

MYTH: All silver water is the same and can be made at home.


To make a difference we need to know what silver ion means (Ag +, oxidation state of silver +1), and what is a nanoparticle or an atomic silver cluster (Ag0, metal or elemental silver, oxidation state 0). Home electrolysis, as you can see from the YouTube footage, uses DC 12-24V and silver electrodes in the form of wires or rods. If ultra-pure water is used, electrolysis cannot occur because it is a dielectric insulator. Since ordinary distilled water can be found on the market, it contains traces of other ions and therefore conducts direct current. When direct current flows, the process of oxidation occurs on silver electrodes. At the electrode connected to the positive pole of the battery or accumulator (anode), silver oxidation occurs, whereby silver (I) oxide (Ag2O) is formed, which ionizes in water to Ag + ions. In this process, an ionic solution of silver is obtained, not colloidal silver in the form of nanoparticles or clusters. There are processes where the polarity of the electrodes changes over time, resulting in a smaller number of particles (up to a maximum of 10% relative to the ions). These particles are relatively large in size (200 - 500 nm) and are not nearly as effective as real nanoparticles (10 - 30 nm).

Why is all this important?

Silver ions (Ag +) are highly reactive and react with chloride ions (Cl-) in our body to form insoluble silver (I) chloride (AgCl). This process already takes place in a stomach full of hydrochloric acid (HCl) chloride ions. This type of silver solution is not suitable for internal use at all, but only for external disinfection. The physicochemical structure of nanoparticles (atomic silver clusters) is such that such particles do not react with chloride ions (Cl-), primarily in the stomach and subsequently in the interior of the organism. Atomic silver clusters have their own charge as nanoparticles and are chemically neutral, and therefore do not react with chloride ions and other substances in the body. When it comes to colloid, which is safe and easily absorbed, then the particle size must be below 100 nm. It is impossible to achieve this by ordinary direct current electrolysis, on the principle of which every apparatus for producing silver water at home works.

Maxlab produces colloidal silver in its laboratories, consisting of silver nanoparticles (atomic clusters of silver, 10 to 30 nm in size). Obtaining nanoparticles, i.e. atomic clusters of any metal are impossible to carry out at home without adequate equipment and devices. These equipment and devices operate at very high life-threatening voltages (over 40,000 V) and high power ultrasonic sources. To produce colloidal silver water for its own needs and for further sale, Maxlab produces ultra-pure redistilled water.

MYTH: The declaration of colloidal silver water is incorrect because the TDS meter shows a lower concentration of silver than declared.


YouTube footage of amateur silver water producers often shows a silver TDS meter check. TDS meter is a water hardness meter, ie meter of total ions in aqueous solution. Certainly, the concentration of silver ions produced by electrolysis in the oxidation process is close to the result shown by the TDS meter because it measures the concentration of dissolved ions. However, a larger deviation in measurement occurs when the TDS meter is immersed in a true colloidal silver solution containing nanoparticles (charged atomic clusters) rather than silver ions. This measures the charge of atomic clusters that have their own charge and therefore the result of the measurement is not related to the concentration of silver. So the TDS meter, which is popular with people who "make silver water at home," does not serve to measure the concentration of metal nanoparticles. The charge measured by the TDS meter is directly related to the ions of which there is very little in relation to nanoparticles in colloidal silver produced by nanotechnology, not electrolysis. If the TDS meter is immersed in a solution of 200 ppm silver nanoparticles, a value that is very low (15-20 ppm ion unit) will be displayed. More specifically, the TDS meter will always show values ​​of 10 to 50 ion units regardless of the Concentration of silver and gold in the nanoparticle colloid.

Electrolysis at home yields silver (I) oxide (Ag2O), which partially dissolves in water and ionizes to Ag + and OH-. These are two charged particles measured by a TDS meter, showing an approximate value. However, ICP-MS (induced coupled mass coupled plasma) or atomic absorption apparatus are used to measure metals. Such apparatus is located in accredited institutions and scientific institutes. True silver water must be tested in this way, because in addition to silver, the absence of heavy metals in the water must be checked.

The Concentration of silver and gold in Maxlab products and the complete health safety of all Maxlab batches is tested by serious and professional institutes (the Public Health Institute of Vojvodina, Anahem, Batut, VMA and others) Therefore, you can always rely on high quality and safety of Maxlab products, as opposed to home-grown products that are being promoted more and more frequently.

Colloidal gold

Gold is also considered an ingredient in skin care products. It is now added to moisturizers, sunscreens, eye creams and lip balms. Spas also use gold for facials because of the many benefits:

  1. Gold can activate basal skin cells which reduces skin elasticity. This way it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and marks on the skin and will make you look younger.
  2. Gold stimulates skin cells. The ions present in gold help stimulate cells, nerves and veins in your body, which leads to improved blood circulation. This will increase the metabolism of skin cells and the excretion of harmful by-products.
  3. Gold slows down excessive collagen depletion. The level of collagen in the body starts to decrease from the age of 25, and that is when you notice changes in your skin. Gold skin care can slow the depletion of collagen levels in your skin cells.
  4. Gold can reduce inflammation (redness and irritation). Gold is said to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help oxygen enter the skin to renew cells.
  5. Gold can increase skin elasticity. The skin tends to shed when its elasticity is reduced or completely lost. The use of gold can gradually break down elastin and restore its tissue elasticity.
  6. Gold helps to improve blood circulation, and therefore hydrates and maintains moisture levels in the skin. Small particles of gold are absorbed into the skin giving off a rich glow. It makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant.
  7. Gold can improve the evenness of the skin tone.

Did you know?

Healing properties...

From 1920 to 1940, silver was grind to a fine powder like flour, then dilute with water and used as a drink to prevent many infections, disease conditions, burns and fungal infections. It was known even more, in 1938, that over 650 bacteria, viruses and fungi can be treated with silver. The silver was forgotten with development of patented antibiotics in the United States and many other countries, although antibiotics are effective only against bacteria but not against viruses and fungi as the silver is. Today, with significant development of modern colloids, things are changing, and new opportunities arise for highly effective treatment of diseases using silver.

White teeth...

After only 10 seconds of shaking and gurgling the colloidal silver water, which is slightly metallic taste and similar to ordinary water, it is directly absorbed from the mouth into the blood. The effect that it produces are pure, white teeth without the unsightly plaque, gingivitis and bad breath.

No limits...

With the silver in colloidal form, any excess, which the body does not require, is easily eliminated, without accumulating in the tissues. There is no possibility of overdose and there is no colloidal silver interaction with other drugs. It does not damage the liver, kidneys and other organs, unlike most artificial antibiotics and other drugs. The risks in the use of colloidal silver water practically does not exist and the side effects are very rare. According to the official confirmation of the World Health Organization: "It is not necessary to prescribe upper limits for the presence of silver in the water, because the silver is not dangerous to human health". Following these recommendations, the new drinking water standards of the European Union do not have an upper limit for the presence of silver in drinking water.

Since olden times...

Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew about the healing powers of silver, as a natural antibiotic, and they used it to prevent infections and wound healing. That's why, those who could afford it, ate from silver dishes with silverware and were spared the diseases and infections of which the common people was dying. Silver coin was often dipped in milk to prevent the spoilage of milk and other beverages, and silver containers were used to maintain food freshness. Until 1970, scientists were often putting silver coins in dry dishes to keep them sterilized. Silver has long been used as a material for surgical interventions on bones.

Silver in plants...

The modern way of farming and plant production with artificial fertilizers has destroyed 85% of the natural reserves of silver from the land, so the food that we eat today no longer contains silver. This is why the use of products with colloidal silver is of great importance for the human organism.

Silver in beekeeping...

Colloidal silver is a powerful tool in the prevention of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of bee larvae and adult bees. High concentration of colloidal silver particles in colloidal silver water quickly and effectively destroys microorganisms. Unlike antibiotics and antifungal drugs, which are widely used for bee disease control, colloidal silver cannot cause bee poisoning and it can be applied in unlimited quantities without consequences for bee larvae and adult bees. Colloidal silver water can be given to the bees preventively, without limitation, leaving the honey pure and natural, without the presence of antibiotics and antifungal drugs, which are harmful to human health.